Inspect Element finds fonts

webpage for the singer

What font is that?

 We are indebted to Kristen Dore of the New Organizing Institute for bringing this nifty tool to our attention. Like her, we love type (see previous adastra post, “The Lead in the Lede”) but don’t have the training to identify what we’re looking at. Now, we can–at least when it comes to websites. Apparently, Chrome and Firefox come with a function called Inspect Element, which takes you behind the webpage and reveals the code, including the font. Using the Adele example (which Dore helpfully provides and deconstructs), here’s what you do:

– go to
– highlight “Full Concert Film”
– right click “Inspect Element” (a full page of code appears)
– look for the word “Font Family” (to the right in Chrome, in “Style” in Firefox)
– and voilà! The font is identified (Raleway Thin).

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