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According to Awareness, Inc., a developer of social marketing software and best practices, you’re now reading the number one source of information C-level and other corporate/nonprofit deciders go to for news about their industries. That’s right, a blog. Peers and conferences rank second and third. But you knew that, right? Comes now the company’s annual report covering the state of social media marketing–the year in review and upcoming trends for 2012. A couple of findings (based on responses from over 300 organizations) that stood out:

–70% of respondents reported increased presence across all social media platforms; 59% reported increased frequency of content frequency and 50%, more robust social media monitoring.

–Social media may be “bottoms up” or “peer to peer” but it’s senior management that drives participation and ultimately allocates the funding and staff resources for same (never enough according to nearly all the respondents.)

— Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn remain the top three channels. But blogs, forums, YouTube and 4Square are rising stars.

— Monitoring social media (what people say and where and how often) is a big concern. Ditto ROI. For the latter, new followers/fans, website traffic, mentions and lead generation are measures of success.

A very useful, clear and well-written report and, for us, an education.

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