Ron Paul’s China Syndrome


Is “Red” China Ron Paul’s personal bĂȘte noire? Two recent spots would seem to say yes. Here’s one attacking Jon Huntsman (likening him to the “Manchurian candidate”) for his ambassadorial, professional and personal ties to the country. Another, even more pernicious, spot (because it is graphically so well done, if not a little over-the-top) compares our involvement in Iraq with a parallel (but imaginary) Chinese occupation of Texas. We’re all for hard-hitting political ads and would never dream of censorship, but surely there’s got to be a line between raising the emotional stakes and Orwellian fear-mongering. Would it be asking too much for the presidential contenders and their PACs, um, supporters, to lower the demogoguery factor and put facts before fantasy? Or are we naive?

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