Otherwise Occupied


Notes from the Arab Spring, American-style, also known as Occupy Wall Street. (Or as The New Yorker calls it, OWES, in honor of its economic theme.)

the newspaper of the 99%

What they were reading in Zuccotti Park

Even now, as the protest sitesĀ  are beginning to empty out, there is still no officially articulated platform or list of specific demands, other than social and economic justice. (Attention must be paid.) But there was an official newspaper: The Occupied Wall Street Journal, and if Seymour Chwast and a team of fellow designers had had their way, there might have been an official logo.

The “occupy” meme is now everywhere. It has certainly changed the conversation and it will be interesting to see how the message evolves, especially in the context of the upcoming presidential campaign. And if the passion of the protesters can withstand the coming winter.


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