Monthly Archives: December 2011

The lead in the lede


As a writer, I love the printed word. I’m fascinated by movie titles and fonts in ads. I don’t read books so much as I deconstruct the choices in typefaces, paper stock and, of course, the cover image. But I always come back to the words on the page. How they look and feel. The…

Stop and think


NYC street signs are sporting a new look with bold, eye-catching graphics and safety messages written in Haiku. Just 17 thought-provoking (and occasionally snarky) syllables to encourage distracted gotta-be-there-right-now New York drivers and pedestrians to stop, look, listen and maybe even smile. Our favorite shows a woman’s silhouette walking from light to dark and the…

It’s (not) my party


Lost track of the Republican contenders? Disappointed in the audacity of hype? Still horrified by past third-party candidates, Perot and Nader? Fear not. There is an alternative: Americans Elect, a new advocacy organization, promising a true third way in campaigning–the first non-partisan direct presidential election in history. As earnest as a student council election but…



Welcome to the first issue of adastra, our take on of-the-moment issues and how creativity shapes our perception and understanding. Let us know what you think. Here’s what inspires us today.



Air France, je t’aime. Merci for showing  us how “the sky [is] the most beautiful place on earth.” See the :60, shot in Morocco, featuring dancer/choreographer Benjamin Millepied and his partner in an otherworldly ballet set in an infinite sky. The “making of” is every bit as inspiring…a dream set to the music of Mozart.…

Otherwise Occupied


Notes from the Arab Spring, American-style, also known as Occupy Wall Street. (Or as The New Yorker calls it, OWES, in honor of its economic theme.) Even now, as the protest sites  are beginning to empty out, there is still no officially articulated platform or list of specific demands, other than social and economic justice.…

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