Dogs, cats and cows have their say


My co-workers are animals. Literally. Whether it’s a demanding tortie pawing at my keyboard or a dachshund interrupting a conference call for an “urgent” game of fetch, they are a built-in source of amusement and delight, a welcome distraction not just from work, but from the world.

But you don’t have to be an animal lover (um, obsessive companion human) to be captivated by these two campaigns that bring a subtle wit and light touch to their sales messages:

– In “Kindergarten,” the cows from Real California Milk do their diva act during big events like Gracie’s first day of school.

– And in “Focus Group,” Big Lots, which bills itself as the nation’s largest closeout retailer, shows that #PetsRPeople2 in a riotous series of  “focus groups” where pets test products and their interviewers’ patience. I had never heard of Big Lots before I saw the first spot (I know, I live a sheltered life) but you can be sure I will check them out now!

And that, my friends, is why good old-fashioned storytelling beats click bait and algorithms every time.

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Ol’ McDonnell bought the farm


And likely an orange jumpsuit to go with. Proving once again that “you cannot petition the lord with prayer” or save your own skin by throwing your wife under the judicial bus.

Let’s see what else the boys of summer have been up to:

Uncle Ben’s goes back to the kitchen and shows how parents and kids can find health and bonding with Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Contest.

Acura does it their way in a beautifully executed (if slightly self-reverential) commercial featuring a diverse crew of automotive artisans and accompanied by a Sid Vicious(!) soundtrack that just barely resembles recognizable English.

The Koch brothers get a smack down from the Koch sisters. With a little help from the AFL-CIO.

And both Democrats and Republicans go for the gun vote in a series of campaign spots.

Really, guys, is this the best we can do?

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