Early Christmas Presence


Oh, who am I kidding? Christmas, like the presidential horse races, is a year ‘round event with much the same result. We’re never wholly satisfied with what we get. I’ll leave it to the pundits to predict the toy (um, candidate) of the year, but here are three new commercials that may bring joy to the world and lightness to the wallet.

Claiming “this is our season,” the beleaguered US Post Office gets a chance to shine with this energetic spot reminding gift-givers and recipients alike that they can depend on priority mail to deliver the presents on time.

I’ve never found a car, much less a BMW, under the tree or menorah, but maybe I don’t hang out with the right people. The carmaker takes us “on the road home” via planes, trains and one beauty shot of an automobile at the very end. What could have been nostalgic treacle is given a nice modern vibe.

Finally, this from Esteem, an implantable hearing device. Not exactly holiday-themed, but its brand promise (“an earful of awesome”), pretty graphics and jaunty music make it a gift of creativity we can all enjoy at any time of the year.

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What logos say about brands and brains

Where the brain stores and interprets logos

Your brain on logos. Source: Logomaker

Your logo is more than just a pretty face. It’s a stimulus for a whole host of perceptions that determine whether or not prospects reach for your brand or Brand X and how they feel about it when they do.

Logomaker has put together a nifty infographic based on the latest neuroscience showing how the brain processes the shape, color and meaning of a logo and traces the path of this information to the places in the brain where it is recognized and stored. Fun fact: it takes just 400 milliseconds for your brain to register the logo it sees and analyze its meaning, context and impact.

A logo can enhance your consumers’ self-esteem, encourage brand loyalty and unconsciously drive positive behaviors like creativity and honesty, not to mention purchase behavior. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, your logo can speak volumes.

Something to think about.

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