Cats to the rescue (again)


From breaking the Internet to safeguarding national security, cats are having another of their nine-lives moments. How better to reward them with a treat, especially in light of the horrible and demeaning costumes we make them wear. Herewith, the best spot of the Christmas—or any—season. Thank you, Temptations Cat Treats and servez-vous!

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Vive la France

Banksy-Pray for Paris

A prayer for peace in the face of war

Once more the shock. Once more the horror. As always, artists are on the front line capturing what we didn’t even know what was in our hearts. Liberté, Egalité, Creativité.



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On the road and off


In the pantheon of pain, air travel ranks up there with root canal and tax prep. From security theatre to DVT-inducing seats, the reality of life in the air contrasts cruelly with the promise and romance of the open skies.

Not so with Delta Airlines whose new spot keeps its messaging focused on the horizon as it takes the viewer from take-off to flight–climbing from what could be a drudgery-laden trip to an adventure. Who knew a runway could be at once so hypnotic and exciting?

In the same vein, Honda takes automotive advertising in a different direction with an extraordinary stop-motion narrative that recounts the brand’s 60-year history. Every bit as mesmerizing as Delta’s, it’s proof that when you change your perspective, you can change the world.

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