PSAs that pack a punch


Our devices are killing us…literally. AT&T reminds us that no text/post/email or phone call is “worth a life.” Put that phone away! And if you can’t–if the addiction is too strong–get help. Seriously. A brilliant and much needed campaign.

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Where iron is more precious than gold


It was the week that was—politically, culturally and creatively. Herewith, some work that crossed our radar.

The sublime:
– At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (where presumably women can wear any shoes they like), Geometry Global (Dubai) was awarded the product design grand prix for its ingenious work for Lucky Iron Fish, a social enterprise dedicated to reducing iron deficiency rates around the world.

Love trumps hate

Love trumps hate









– Somewhere over the rainbow, love and equality win the day on social media and everywhere.

And the ridiculous:

Ellen DeGeneres rarely puts a foot wrong but she’s not doing herself any favors with this trite and uninspired QVC spot introducing her new home décor product line. It’s enough to make you wish there really were a “war on Christmas.”

– “Time upon a once.” When Yoda and Alice in Wonderland collaborate, this is the result. An inaudible mess, it is.

– A little help here? Sherwin Williams celebrates the women who “make a home,” apparently with no help from their children, spouses or contractors. It’s exhausting to watch, much less emulate.

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When even the happy songs are sad


Don’t let their sunny sound fool you. Behind the Beach Boys’ happy songs was Brian Wilson whose beautiful mind conjured up sounds both sublime and terrifying in equal measure. More than a bio-pic, Love & Mercy is a portrait of the artist—as a traumatized and exploited young man, who was ultimately saved by the transformative power of love and the creative process. (The scenes of the recording sessions, played by authentic musicians not actors, are the best part of the film.) Once you see it you’ll never hear their music in the same way again.

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